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  • Are your silk scarves really hand painted?
    Yes, they are 100% handmade. I draw and paint them starting with a blank piece of silk with my own hands here in my art studio. Each scarf is unique as a true artwork. If I recreate a scarf it will never be identical. Thus, there are no two identical scarves in the world that I have made. The scarf you purchase is one of a kind.
  • How to take care of my silk scarf?
    Silk scarf is very gentle but if you take proper care of it, it will look like new for years after purchase. Hand wash your scarf in cold water with a mild soap and rinse thoroughly. Avoid chlorine, alcohol and any kind of bleach. Do not twist, wring or squeeze. Longer scarves can be hung on a towel rack to dry. Dо not use wire hanger since it will cause permanent folding mark. Shorter scarves and shawls can be laid on a clean bath towel. For ironing, place your scarf reverse side up and put thin cotton fabric over it. Use the cooler setting/silk setting and iron lightly. If you follow these simple washing and ironing instructions, and treat your silk scarf with love and care, you will have the pleasure to enjoy it for many years to come. Care instructions are enclosed into each scarf I ship. If you have additional questions do not hesitate to contact me.
  • Can I get your artworks for commission?
    Yes, it is possible! I will be happy to have my painting exhibited in your gallery. Please contact me to discuss the details.
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