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  Tanya Ra - artist working in batik, silk painting and shibori among other techniques.

Tanya began painting as a child and after high school continued her education at Vitebsk Art College founded by Marc Chagall and then at the Belarusian State University of Arts, where she graduated cum laude in 2001 followed by a stint in teaching at Minsk College of Arts.

   Since 2002 Tanya has been exhibiting with her national and international laureate apprentices. She is a member of the Guild of Silk Painters (UK) and her artworks were first exhibited in 1995. Since then she has shown in Belarus, Russia, Poland and Norway. Tania’s first solo exhibition, “Self-portrait” premiered in the Palace of Arts (Minsk, Belarus) in 2001 to critical acclaim. Her masterpieces are found in private collections in Belarus, Russia, Lithuania, Poland, France, Sweden, Norway, USA and Canada.

   Since 2009 she has been living in Boston and recently relocated to Seattle with her two children and handsome scientist husband. Tanya creates art using her own distinctive and inimitable style combining work in traditional batik, silk painting, shibori, free painting and mixed form. 

   Batik attracts her because of its expressiveness which allows for the creation of unique decorative compositions and exquisite style. Tanya is inspired by refined lines in Modern Art and traditional Japanese color harmony and contemplation. Striving to express her own creative concept, she looks for a harmonic combination of lines, colors, light, fabric and technique. A peculiar view of the surrounding world allows her to show simple things in a new way, emphasizing the hidden. Tanya is also keen on textile design, creating unique patterns inspired by tempering of classical Eastern motifs with European styles.

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